By A.E. Wood

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DESCRIPTION: Incredible Good Fortune and Incredible Disaster. And all within the span of 24 hours. Will two innocent, best friend busty moms fall victim to very intelligent sons that have no business possessing the carnal knowledge that they have stumbled upon? Will two virgin best friend sons get incredibly lucky, due to technology, creativity, alcohol, and a swimming pool? Witness the agony and ecstasy of the resulting unintended consequences. EXCERPT: At Marys kitchen table, she and Maria were commiserating about the long absence of their husbands up in their Austin office. Maria said, “Sometimes I just wish they were garbage men or something, so they would just get home every night.” Mary replied, “Well, maybe something a little better smelling than garbage men.” They both laughed. Mary continued, “I am so horny I cant stand it.” “MARY…”, Maria gasped. “Well I am, and so are you, dont lie to your best friend.” Maria didnt say a word, trying to hide her blush. Mary just grinned at her, causing her to blush even more, knowing that her extreme fire engine red blush answered the question. Maria was indeed hornier than a 16-year-old virgin in a dildo factory, just like her. (Later) It was all Maria could do to get poured into Marys smaller D-cup bikini top. As she fumbled with the straps, Mary remarked, “Wow Maria, you sure have an awesome set upstairs. Let me help you.” (Later) All the way down the concrete sidewalk from the house to the pool, Kyle and Pedro could hear them coming. They were wearing casual cork high heels with soles that produced that characteristic clop, clop, clop. You know, the sound that drives men crazy when worn by particularly sexy, scantily-clad, beautiful women. The boys couldnt see their mothers. But that sound… Pedro took a deep breath and remembered the psychological control procedures that he had practiced diligently. Kyle was thinking and plotting, which helped him control himself a little. His mind was focused on how to maximize the boys chances of getting as far as possible. The girls were talking. Marias speech was noticeably slurred, and Marys had recovered just a little bit from what the boys had heard on the hidden microphone. They were giggling almost constantly. The boys could hear Mary say, “Maria, stop sippin on that drink. Youve had more than enough for one night.” (Later) Maria said, “God, we are SO disgusting. How did that even happen?” “I dont know, Honey, but being the teetotalers we are, we never should have experimented with that Everclear in my hubbys liquor cabinet.” “Oh My God Mary, you gave me Everclear? Dont you know that stuff is 95% alcohol? No wonder I got so out of control!” “Really?? 95%? Being a teetotaler, I didnt know that. Sorry. Well, I guess I thought we were both really missing our hubbies so much, being in Austin for over three weeks, that maybe we should take a little alcohol, relax, and just let our hair down a little to forget about all that. But I had no idea that the bottle I mixed our drinks with had that much alcohol. My God, 95%?” “Yep… well, we let more than our hair down, didnt we Mary?” “Aaahhhmmmm… yeah… somehow… we uuuhhhmmm… let our bikini tops down… voluntarily.” “eeeuuuuwww!… Yeah, we did, didnt we?” Maria grimaced sheepishly.

A.E. Wood