Tempted By Her Sleeping Sister

Tempted By Her Sleeping Sister

By Moa Nilsson

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DESCRIPTION: Leahs twin sister has come over, and the two of them decides to watch a movie together. But the thing is, Leahs sister seemed quite tired... ...and predictably enough, she falls asleep no more than a single hour into watching a quite long movie. Now the question is, will Leah be able to resist the alluring body of her sleeping sister, now that shes right next to her, entirely defenceless? EXCERPT: The whole thing had started about an hour earlier. Alicia — Leah’s sister — who happened to be visiting, had suggested the two of them watch a movie together. Great. All good that far. Absolutely no reason to say no. So that was what they had set about doing. Picked out a random nice and really really long interesting-looking movie to watch, then sat down next to each other on the couch. Leah had gotten really into the movie, paying no heed to her sister next to her at first. That was… until she suddenly felt a weight resting upon her shoulder about an hour into the movie. That weight being Alicia’s head, which now was resting on Leah’s shoulder, with the rest of her body also leaning against Leah. Close enough that Lean could feel the warmth Alicia emanated quite clearly, and could easily tell every time she took another sleeping breath. Leah tried to still focus on the movie. She really did, as hard as she possibly could have. But the thing was, having someone practically snoring in your lap made the whole “focusing” thing a whole lot harder. So at some point — perhaps just a minute, perhaps five, perhaps after a dozen — Leah realised this couldn’t last. No matter how much she tried to pay attention to the screen in front of her, there was just something else that was highly distracting right next to her. More correctly, someone else. Leah did her best not to think of her sister… that way. And it wasn’t like she was entirely failing. For a moment, maybe two, she didn’t think of anything more than that the warmth against her own body was strangely comforting. But one moment passed into another, and with the arrival of the new one came plenty of other thoughts as well. Like how Alicia just was so irresistibly cute. How she always had been. How she wasn’t just cute, but also, also… also attractive. In a way that Leah usually wouldn’t quite be willing to admit to herself, for fear that Alicia would be able to tell. But times like these, times like these were different. At the moment Alicia wouldn’t know no matter how much Leah stared at her, would never know what way Leah actually looked at her. Would never know which way Leah looked at the body of her sleeping sister, the intense stare she fixated it with. How she tried to take in all that she could, capture every single detail, engrave it all into her memory. Both to reflect upon later, to look back upon whenever the mood struck her. But also for the sake of her own imagination, to help her satisfy her own selfish urges. And then there was also how that sweet, defenseless sleeping face… how it just looked so incredibly tempting. So, so, so tempting. Tempting enough that it was nothing but a matter of time before Leah’s mental resistances faded away, Leah’s inner objections forevermore only known to the sands of time.

Moa Nilsson

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9791220804103
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
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