The Ghost Pirates and Houdini (Illustrated)

The Ghost Pirates and Houdini (Illustrated)

By John Camur Becket

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In the first part of this book we briefly talk about the incredible life of Harry Houdini. It also reports a real event, the clash between the greatest illusionist of all time, Houdini and a semi-unknown former naval petty officer, gym manager, William Hope Hodgson, who would become a great writer in the future. In this fight Houdini, he had come out victorious at a great price, that evening, in his mind the conviction of being unbeatable was broken, even his body was telling him the same thing, with his two peeled and bleeding wrists. To understand this great writer it is necessary to read his works in this book there is the following story: The ghost pirates, which was published in 1909, here The sailor Jessop, narrates his frightening adventure that took place aboard the ship Mortzestus during a voyage at Cape Horn. Shortly after sunset, he saw moving shadows, mysterious creatures coming out of the water and then diving back into the sea. He was convinced that all of this was just the figment of his imagination, but then as time passed he realized that all of this was real, the beginning of something terrible and chilling, gradually gathering around their ship, from the strange deaths and disappearances of some sailors, in the presence of something sinister and evil. ?

John Camur Becket