Essential Western Novels - Volume 5

Essential Western Novels - Volume 5

Essential Western Novels

By Andy Adams, August Nemo, B. M. Bower, Clarence E. Mulford, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ernest Haycox

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Welcome to the Essential Western Novels book series, where you will find a selection of endless tales about deadly shootouts, gunslingers seeking revenge, love stories with beautiful women, in peril, and of course, cowboys and their trusty steeds.For this book, the literary critic August Nemo has chosen the 5 novels by authors who created memorable stories that shaped the foundations of Western fiction.This book contains the following novels:- Son of the West by Ernest Haycox. - Johnny Nelson by Clarence E. Mulford. - Wells Brothers by Andy Adams. - Apache Devil by Edgar Rice Burroughs. - The Range Dwellers by B. M. Bower. If you appreciate good books, be sure to check out the other Tacet Books titles!

Ernest Haycox

Edgar Rice Burroughs (Chicago; 1 de septiembre de 1875 – Encino, California; 19 de marzo de 1950) fue un escritor de género fantástico célebre por sus series de historias de Barsoom (ambientadas en Marte), de Pellucidar (que tienen lugar en el centro de la Tierra) y, en especial, por la creación del mundialmente famoso personaje de Tarzán.
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