Healthy & Spicy Keto

Healthy & Spicy Keto

By Amy Ramos

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Do you want to burn fat and lose up to 20 pounds and stay healthy? If yes this book is for you!  A ketogenic weight loss program is a nutrition plan in accordance with a procedure known as ketosis. It is a certain status of the entire body that is recognized by an elevated level of ketones of the bloodstream, which happens because of the transformation of fat into fatty ketones and acids. This book "Healthy & Spicy Keto" is the perfect beginner’s guide when it comes to the revolutionary ketogenic diet, as it will unveil a 30-day meal plan with quick and easy healthy recipes. All the recipes in this book are scientifically diet-based keto recipes which will help you to lose 20 pounds in months and at the same time heal your body if you strictly follow the guides provided in this book. What you will learn inside this book includes: -What keto diet is all about. -90 easy healthy and spicy keto recipes for a -complete month. -Ketosis Cycle. -Health Benefits of Keto. -Keto-friendly foods. -Symptoms of ketosis. -Effects of Ketosis and a lot more...

Amy Ramos

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  • December 29, 2019
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