Nonna Anna's cook book

Nonna Anna's cook book

By Anna Maria Sederino Borra

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A woman and four continents. A woman and her family. A woman and her love of cooking. These but others could be the undertitles of this precious book of memories and recipes. Family and country pictures are as fresh as the recipes that include them. Memories of travels and adventures described with exotic recipes. A particular glimpse of fifty years of life and history, observed with the wondering eyes of a child. Anna Maria Sederino Borra has the gift of simplicity and wonder, this is clear in those pages in wich she speaks, with touching delicacy, of those who are passed away. She wants to tell us, that life is life, good or bad, exciting or sad: life. So, in life, food gives strength and joy, binds men and women, feeds and allows them to get to know each other. In this convivial book, there is as much Mediterranean, as Magna Grecia! So you could say that this “recipe book” (there are  almost all recipes of excellent tradition), contains a message, a teaching, completely involuntary and far more effective: as a recipe made for those you love, such is life.

Anna Maria Sederino Borra