Computational Simulation Tools in Engineering

Computational Simulation Tools in Engineering

By K. Ravichand, T. Bala Narsaiah, V. Ramesh Kumar

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Modeling and Computational simulation applied to engineering is a field that brings together the power of computers, physical sciences and engineering practices. To solve different problems in engineering using computer simulation, it is necessary to model them, which represents a real-world phenomenon as a set of mathematical equations. This book deals with models involving simple Algebraic equation(s), Single & multiple nonlinear equation(s), Single & Multiple Ordinary Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations of parabolic type, is intended for UG/PG students, Researchers and faculty. The collection of numerous problems from various sources aimed to apply different numerical methods in the subject areas such as Heat transfer, Fluid flow, Thermodynamics, Mass transfer, Reaction engineering, equipment design and process simulation. This book gives hands-on exposure on procedures and solutions using various computational tools such as MS-Excel®, MATLAB®, CHEMCAD® and COMSOL® dealing with chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

V. Ramesh Kumar