Nigerian Cookbook Series with Video Guide

Nigerian Cookbook Series with Video Guide

By Paul Mckenzie, Sanusi A. L.

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If youre missing quality Nigerian meals, my Nigerian cookbook series is a great opportunity for you to learn step by step with accompanying videos, how to make Amala (yam flour) food for a family of 6 (dad, mum and four kids). Amala is a very nutritious West African staple food, In this cookbook I explain step step how to make Amala using yam flour and sorghum. Sorghum makes Amala even more nourishing because sorghum grains contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and so much more! If youre the busy type you can use this short Nigerian cookbook to learn how to prepare Amala isu in about 10 minutes. The ingredients in the recipe I use are well laid out and explained. If youre an Nigerian living in diaspora, or maybe you are a bachelor living in Nigeria, but do not know how to make Amala (yam flour) food, just order my book now to learn how to make it easily and quickly.

Sanusi A. L.

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  • December 30, 2018
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