The Best Single Parent

The Best Single Parent

By Julia Casutt-Schneeberger, LiBook

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Are you a single parent? Do you need a practical guide on how to take care of your children? or Don 't you know how to face the challenges for single parents and look for recommendations? "The Best Single Parent " will be that practical solution you are looking for on how to get good relationships with your children when you are a single parent and overcome any challenges. In this book you will learn: BREAKING WITH THE OLD AND GETTING ON WITH THE NEW! MAKING EVERYDAY COUNT AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE! -ORGANIZING -NEW FAMILY UNIT -SCHOOL, SOCIETY AND FAMILY -LOSS OF A PARENT (divorce, death, abandonment) -INJECT LAUGHTER, JOY, HAPPINESS back into your lives and HAVE SOME FUN! - And More... A single parent is a person who lives with a child or children without a wife, husband or who does not have a roommate. Currently, there are several families that are headed by a single parent and don & acute;t know how to overcome that obstacle. With this book, you will be able to take care of your children and enjoy the joys destined for a good relationship of two. You will get to be what they need. Let 's start now!


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  • August 23, 2019
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