Mommy is a Call Girl

Mommy is a Call Girl

By Jonathan Rodham

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DESCRIPTION: Ruthie, mother of two and a MILF hooker wants to quit but doesn ’t know how. She bounces from motel room to motel room, but she is not too proud to have sex with strangers in a McDonald ’s parking lot, or behind a glory hole. With each door that opens, a new sexual encounter awaits. She embarks in a bizarre road trip to sell her anal virginity to an unknown customer recommended by her pimp and at times confused lover, Alice. Will Ruthie ever quit? EXCERPT: She parks on the side of the motel and checks her working bag: lube, douche bottle, assorted rubbers, hand disinfectant, mouthwash, moist toilettes, and fresh panties. She takes her clutch purse and hides it under the passenger seat. She only walks into a date ’s room with her van ’s keys & mdash;no other keys, no personal information on her that could allow a john to track her down & mdash;her personal phone goes under the seat too. The other phone, what she calls the bat phone, goes with her. That cheap burner phone is for business only. She keeps nothing in memory and erases things the moment she doesn ’t need them. There is a second clutch purse filled with phony IDs and pictures and a couple of twenty-dollar bills. It ’s a decoy of sorts, a red herring in case a bad john decides to go through her things or steal her purse. Ruthie fluffs her hair, adds more glossy lipstick, smacks her lips and cleans her teeth with a Kleenex. More eye makeup. Dates like the slutty look. She does the last check on the bat phone: nothing yet. She double checks the room number in her message, then deletes it. She stops in front of the door, one as non-descriptive as all the others in the long hallway with the stained carpet. TV ’s blare from other rooms, kids run down the hallway soaking wet from the indoor pool. She knocks, two knocks, pause, two more knocks. She hears deadbolts sliding, a chain jiggling. The door opens. Despite her date being a regular, she can ’t avoid the butterflies in her stomach. "Hi Jennifer, " Frank says peering through the ajar door. Ruthie senses he is as nervous as she is. Jennifer is Ruthie ’s name on her fake ID, her whoring name. "Hi, Frank. " She smiles, and Frank reciprocates and lets her in. He closes the door behind her with the usual clanking of bolts and chains. She turns around, and they stand to look at each other. "Anything special today? " Ruthie asks. Frank shakes his head. He ’s wearing a Slayer black t-shirt and boxers with Star Wars ’ Stormtroopers on them. There is a rising bulge pushing its way outwards. Frank hands Ruthie a wad of money; she counts it and smiles and puts the wad in her purse. Ruthie throws the purse on the couch, turns around, raises her arms up and grabs her long hair with her fingers. Frank comes behind her and places his middle against her round bubble butt. Frank ’s hands reach around her and start to unbutton her blouse from the top button. He runs his hands over her flat stomach, fondles her small mommy breasts. Her hair smells bubbly, like candy. His penis is hard against her tight jeans. He pulls her blouse over her hair and throws it on the nearby bed. His hands caress her narrow but hard shoulders, glide over her smooth and very fair skin. His agile fingers snap her bra ’s clasp at the first try. "You ’re getting so good, " Ruthie whispers. Frank chuckles. "I went to Walmart and bought a cheap bra, and I have been practicing, even with my eyes closed. " His hands take the bra off, and it flies onto the bed too.

Jonathan Rodham

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9780463997659
  • Language:
  • Inglés
  • Size:
  • Kb
  • Published:
  • August 15, 2018
  • Protection:
  • Sin DRM

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