The Collected Works of Richard Marsh (Illustrated Edition)

The Collected Works of Richard Marsh (Illustrated Edition)

By Richard Marsh

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This meticulously edited Richard Marsh collection includes: Novels: The Beetle Tom Ossington's Ghost Crime and the Criminal The Datchet Diamonds The Chase of the Ruby The Twickenham Peerage Miss Arnott's Marriage The Great Temptation The Master of Deception A Duel The Woman with One Hand The Coward behind the Curtain A Woman Perfected Violet Forster's Lover A Hero of Romance A Second Coming Short Stories: Marvels and Mysteries The Long Arm of Coincidence The Mask An Experience Pourquoipas By Suggestion A Silent Witness To Be Used Against Him The Words of a Little Child How he Passed! Between the Dark and the Daylight My Aunt's Excursion The Irregularity of the Juryman Mitwaterstraand Exchange is Robbery The Haunted Chair Nelly La Haute Finance Mrs. Riddle's Daughter Miss Donne's Great Gamble Skittles Em A Relic of the Borgias Frivolities The Purse Which Was Found For One Night Only Returning a Verdict The Chancellor's Ward A Honeymoon Trip The Burglar's Blunder Ninepence A Battlefield up-to-Date Mr. Harland's Pupils A Burglar Alarm A Lesson in Sculling Outside Amusement Only The Lost Duchess The Strange Occurrences in Canterstone Jail Twins! A Vision of the Night The Way of a Maid with a Man Aunt Jane's Jalap Willyum His First Experiment An Old-fashioned Christmas By Deputy Mr. Whiting and Mary Ann A Substitute The Confessions of a Young Lady A Wonderful Girl Cupid's Messenger The Ogre The Handwriting The People's Stock Exchange Breaking the Ice A Girl Who Couldn't The Princess Margaretta The End of His Holiday The Girl and the Boy A Mutual Affinity Magical Music A Runaway Wife Under One Flag A Pet of the Ballet A Christmas Miracle Our Musical Comedy Staggers My Wedding Day Two of a Trade Rewarded On the River A Member of the Anti-Tobacco League That Foursome An Episcopal Scandal Mr Bloxam and the British Constitution For Debt The Thirteen Club Uncollected Stories Capturing a Convict The Disappearance of Mrs. Macrecham

Richard Marsh

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